Welcome to Chicago EDT’s Print-a-Part program!

This outreach program gives future engineers the opportunity to design a 3″ x 3″ x 3″ 3D printed part and receive it FOR FREE! If you’re a teacher and want to be a part of Print-a-Part, here is our Teachers’ page.

What is Print-a-Part?

Print-a-Part is a student-run program by the Chicago Engineering Design Team of UIC. By participating in the program, Middle school and High school students can explore the STEM field, specifically 3D-design. Students can build their CAD skills which are great skills to have for any type of engineer.

How do I print my own part?

First off, you need to know if a teacher at your school is part of our list of participating teachers. If there is none, we suggest you ask them to check out our Teachers’ page.

Next, you have to create a design in a CAD software, like Autodesk Fusion 360, TinkerCAD, or Solidworks. Make sure it follows our guidelines.

After finishing up your design, export it as an *.stl file and attach it to an email to printapart@chicagoedt.org with the following:

  • Subject line: [Submission]YourLastName_YourSchool’sName
  • CC: your participating teacher’s email
  • A brief description of the design. When we think the description is lacking, we would probably follow up with some questions.
    • Something like “I designed a keychain in the shape of a star” would most of the time suffice.
  • What color would you like to print it on:
    • Black,
    • White,
    • Gray,
    • Red,
    • Yellow,
    • Blue,
    • Orange,
    • Violet, or
    • Green

As soon as the teacher approved your design, we will print your part as soon as we can and then ship to your teacher, whom you can get it from.


This program is run by UIC students.

We are doing this to further interest in the STEM field out of our own budget. As we are students, we might not be able to get back to you quickly. For this, we apologize. We will try to work on submitted designs as fast as we are able to.

Thank you!

Contact us for any questions: printapart@chicagoedt.org