Be a Print-a-Part Teacher

This page is for teachers that want to participate in Chicago EDT’s Print-a-Part program. If you’re a student, here are pages to learn about Print-a-Part and how to Print-a-Part, yourself.

What is Print-a-Part?

Print-a-Part is a student-run program by the  Chicago Engineering Design Team of UIC. It hopes to further students’ creativity and interests in STEM by 3D-printing their own 3”x3”x3” designs and mailing the printed parts for FREE.

Who can submit their own designs?

Middle school and High school students in the United States, as long as each of their 3″x3″x3″ designs to be printed gets approval from one of their school’s teacher that is in our list.

Sounds awesome! How can I help?

We need someone that will be available to guide the students’ designs; Not so much teaching them how to design it, but more about making sure they follow our set of guidelines. Also, we need someone to send their parts to, whom they can get their parts from.

If I’m not familiar with 3D-Printing, can I be the one that approves my students’ designs?

Absolutely! We welcome any teacher that would help promote STEM to students. All we need is for you to check the designs your students submit and make sure the designs follow our set of guidelines.

How can I join and be part of your list?

Send us an email using your school email at with the following information:
  • Subject line: [Join]YourLastName_YourSchool’sName
  • How many of your students would expect to use our Program? (Doesn’t need to be accurate)
  • Where would we send the part when it’s printed?
  • Any questions/concerns?

Wait for our response and when you’re added to our email list, we’ll start accepting your students’ designs.


This program is run by UIC students.

We are doing this to further interest in the STEM field out of our own budget. As we are students, we might not be able to get back to you quickly. For this, we apologize. We will try to work on submitted designs as fast as we are able to.

Thank you!